How Can You Contact Us for Emergency Psychiatry?

Psychiatric Emergencies are the areas where changes in behaviour, thoughts or emotions or situations that threaten the person or the environment are intervened against. When our patients come to the emergency room, after being examined in detail by our experienced specialist staff, they are followed up in the observation room, and they can be hospitalized if necessary. In Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital Emergency Service; In addition to observation rooms where close follow-up can be made, there are padded rooms for risky patients. Our emergency service unit, which consists of a specially trained team of specialist physicians and nurses, intervenes 24/7 and also provides 24/7 ambulance service

Our contact number: +90 216 912 17 17

In Which Situations Can You Apply to the Emergency Psychiatric Service?

In our emergency department, there is an observation room, an intervention room and a padded room. Patients who apply to the emergency department are examined by the emergency physician and intervened according to their condition.

The following situations can be considered as psychiatric emergencies.

  • Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders
  • In Bipolar Disorder: Manic Episode
  • Catatonia
  • Substance and Alcohol Intoxication or Withdrawal
  • Patients with aggression
  • Patients with Suicidal Ideas or Plans
  • Delirium
  • Side Effects of Drugs Used
  • Syncope
  • Panic Attack
  • Conversion Disorder
  • Psychotic Disorders (delusions, hallucinations, speech and behaviour disorders)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

How to Intervene Crises in the Emergency Psychiatric Service?

To provide effective service to the patients who come to the Emergency Room due to various mental problems, the current situation of the patient is examined correctly by the emergency physician If there are other reasons underlying the patient’s complaint of admission, it is investigated and intervention methods are planned accordingly. The urgency of the intervention is determined, the existing or potential risk factors are evaluated. The appropriate intervention method may be serum or drug therapy. After the crisis is intervened quickly and effectively, the patient’s condition and history are evaluated and the course to be followed is determined when necessary.

The information on this page has been prepared by the Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital Medical Team.

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