Turkey's Mental Health Treatment and Science Centre

MOODIST is a full-fledged private psychiatric hospital that provides both outpatient and inpatient treatment, providing the conditions required by science and technology for mental health.

Adult Psychiatry Centre

Our Specialist Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists work with individuals who are considered adults from the age of 18 in the Adult Psychiatry Centre.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Centre

In the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Centre, services are provided together with our Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and Child Adolescent Psychologists.

General Psychiatry Inpatient Service

The inpatient services at Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital have been established within the framework of certain rules according to the privacy of the patients receiving inpatient treatment and the risks of the disease.

In our clinics, there are 75 comfortable patient rooms, 16 of which are suites.

Addiction Centre (AMATEM)

Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital Addiction Centre; is an addiction treatment Centre with a humanistic approach that applies ethical and scientific methods. It has the AMATEM (Substance Addiction Treatment Centre) license issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

Psychology Centre

Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital provides psychotherapy and counselling services to children-adolescents, adults, couples and families who need psychological support with clinical psychologists who are experts in their fields.

Therapy methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT), EMDR, Mindfulness, Schema Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Motivational Therapy, Psychodrama, Sex Therapies, and Interpersonal Relations Psychotherapy are used.

Neurology Centre

Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital provides services in the diagnosis and treatment of neurology diseases with its state-of-the-art laboratories.

Moodist Experts Inform

You can follow the opinions of our specialists on Mental Disorders, Treatment Methods, Psychological Tests, Addiction, Neurology and many more on our YouTube Channel.

Ethics Committee

Prof. Dr. Kültegin Ögel
Prof. Kültegin Ögel, M.D.

Psychiatrist, Consultant Physician

Prof. Mücahit Öztürk, M.D.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Consultant Team

Treatment Team

As Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital, we apply our science-based treatment methods in an ethical and humane manner, paying attention to the privacy of patients and their relatives.

Çocuk ve Ergen Psikiyatri Uzmanı Dr. Rümeysa Alaca
Rümeysa Alaca, M.D.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr. Orhan Akman
Orhan Akman, M.D


Dr. Nermin Yücel
Nermin Yücel, M.D.

Medical Doctor, Emergency Physician

Dr. Zehra Emine Dulkadir
Zehra Emine Dulkadir, M.D

Medical Doctor, Emergency Physician

Klinik Psikolog Esra Ceco
Clinical Psychologist Esra Ceco

Clinical Psychologist

Psychologist İrem B. Yılmazcan

Psychologist, Art Therapist

Unique Source of Information

Moodist Mental Health Library

PDF Brochures

You can reach our brochures about mental health prepared by Moodist Hospital Specialists.

Dozens of brochures specially prepared for many different topics such as “Personality Disorders, TMS Treatment and How to Play with Your Child” are available for you.

Moodist Science Center

Moodist Mental Health Symposium

Moodist Addiction Symposium

Community Mental Health Congress

Moodist Publications

Hemen Ara

Hemen Ara  



Randevu Talebi

Randevu Talebi  

Uzmana Sorun

Uzmana Sorun  

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