How to Understand and Treat Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction, which deeply shakes the health and social life of individuals, can only be overcome with professional help. In a multi-stage treatment process at Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital; firstly, appropriate medical assistance and medication are given for withdrawal symptoms, and this process is supported by individual and group psychotherapies during the rehabilitation phase…

Alcohol… It is an addictive substance whose use is not prohibited in many parts of the world and therefore its consumption is high. While it is not right to consider alcohol use as a disorder, the rate of deaths due to addiction and alcohol-related health problems is increasing in the world. At Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital, a multi-layered treatment process is carried out for individuals who have become addicted to alcohol use, each stage of which is managed by experienced experts.

When Does Alcohol Use Become a Serious Problem?

It is often incomprehensible that alcohol use is becoming a problem. However, if you or a relative are experiencing the following phenomena, you can understand that alcohol use is becoming a serious problem and that medical support should be sought:

  • Self-control has been lost in the amount of alcohol consumed and the duration of use.
  • If there is a failure to stop or reduce alcohol.
  • If withdrawal symptoms are felt when alcohol is not used.
  • Alcohol use causes serious negligence in the family and social life.
  • If the use of alcohol is maintained, although the harms of alcohol have been seen.

How is the Treatment Process Managed?

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Turkey

Treatment of alcohol dependence is possible only with professional help. The first part of this assistance covers the provision of appropriate medical assistance and medication for withdrawal symptoms that will occur when alcohol use is stopped. The second part is the rehabilitation process. In this process, it is aimed that the individual acquires the necessary knowledge and skills to adapt to life without alcohol immediately after getting rid of deprivation.

The treatment, which starts with the purification process, can be performed inpatient as well as directly standing without hospitalization in order not to adversely affect the social and business life of the person. However, the patient should be hospitalized and treated in the following cases:

  • If the treatment could not be concluded after many attempts.
  • If there is deprivation that may endanger the patient’s life.
  • If there is a medical picture that will make life difficult if the patient continues to use alcohol.
  • If there are mental illnesses.
  • If he/she is on any other bad substances.
  • Unless there is someone to support the patient.

Wanting and Supporting Healing

Alcohol addicts may not tend to give up alcohol altogether. Some people might believe it is impossible to stop drinking. In this case, “Moodist addiction therapists” motivate the person to explore ways of change. 

The first step of this change process is to be aware of the problem experienced by the person. In the following stages, it is aimed for the person to comprehend the faulty thoughts resulting from alcohol use and to be aware of what to do in these situations. In addition, emotions and stressors that trigger addiction behaviour are identified and methods of coping with them are developed. In the later stages of the change process, the person is encouraged to repair their social relations and develop healthy relationships.

Psychological problems that increase the alcohol use of the person or arise as a result of alcohol use are also discussed and tried to be solved with therapy in this process. Psychotherapy is also essential to ensure adherence to treatment, to maintain the motivation for recovery and to make the willingness to change sustainable. The healing process is supported by individual and group psychotherapies at Moodist Addiction Center, where Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program is implemented in the light of international practices and self-experiences. 

What Factors do Accelerate Recovery?

Acquiring different activities and hobbies plays a role in facilitating the recovery process. In this process, it is important for the person to distance him/herself from the environment and friends that pose a risk to him/her. Healthy eating and sleep patterns also accelerate addiction relief.

As much as quitting alcohol, it’s important not to start over. For this reason, the risks that will cause slippage should be determined in advance and the person should be ensured to take precautions. When the shift occurs, the person should contact the treatment team as soon as possible.

Participation of family and strong social support in treatment positively affects treatment success. Therefore, the family should know what kind of disease addiction is and how to support the person. Family members should not neglect themselves.

Failure to “relocate” addiction is critical to recovery. The person may think that other substances or behaviours will not be dependent on him/her because he/she does not drink alcohol. It should not be forgotten that the brain is biodependent.

It is also important to direct the person with alcohol problems to self-help groups such as anonymous alcoholics (NA) and to manage this process together. Here, the person meets individuals with similar problems and also benefits from their experiences.

It is important for the person to leave his/her negative behaviours such as lying, hiding and abusing together with alcohol with the change, to take responsibility for the damages he/she has caused and to be honest. Focusing on the past and the present rather than the future also ensures the positive progress of the treatment process.

Believing that you can overcome addiction is the core of success. It is always possible to get rid of alcohol addiction and its negative consequences…

You can ask Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital specialists any questions you have about alcohol addiction and the treatment process.

The information on this page has been prepared by the Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital Medical Team.

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